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We are changing our class name from Precious Gifts to Time to Embrace!

Thank you for noting this.

Our workshop’s will be Time to Embrace Change

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD; the fruit of the womb is a reward” (Psalm 127:3, NASV).



Precious Little One

I’m just a precious little one
who didn’t make it there.
I went straight to be with Jesus,
but I’m wanting for you here.
Many dwelling here where I live,
waited years to enter in.
Struggled through a world of sorrow
A world marred with pain and sin.
Thank you for the life you gave me,
It was brief but don’t complain.
I have all Heaven’s Glory,
Suffered none on earth’s great pain.
Thank you for the name you gave me.
I’d have loved to bring it fame.
But if I’d lingered in earth’s shadows,
I would have suffered just the same.
So sweet family – don’t you sorrow.
Wipe those tears and chase the gloom.
I went straight to Jesus’ arms
From my loving Mother’s womb.

Author Unknown



Testimonial 4

The Lord revealed a memory that my second abortion, that it was in my heart, that it was twins and that I got to give them all names and laid my babies to rest. I had three birthmarks across my chest that now makes sense, I have all my kids close to my heart.  Thank you Jesus for this healing, in Jesus name!

Testimonial 3

He showed me I still harbor anger over my abortion, maybe to myself to the way society normalizes abortions, I think.  I am feeling better now, it will take time for me to continue down this process, but I will.

Testimonial 2

I felt a weight off my chest God telling me that my children are taking care of and that they love me and that I will meet with them again.

Testimonial 1

God allowed me to know I am forgiven.  My daughter knows I love her and He allowed me to know my baby’s name, Emma. Emma loves me and forgives me. God freed me from my shame of the abortion, and I have let go of the guilt and pain.  I have spoken this out and no more will the enemy be able to hold this over me.  I feel free, forgiven, loved.  Thank you for allowing God to use you to help women and men heal. The coffin part hit me.  Putting Emma in the coffin gave me closure, I was able to honor her and get closure. I never thought I would lay a child of mine to rest, but today honoring and laying Emma down brought closure, freedom, and love.




Will be held on Saturday August 3rd,@9:00 AM until 2PM
Neighborhood Church
Building 10

Next Time To Embrace Workshop is on October 12th @ 10AM – Noon

5921 Stoddard Rd., Modesto, CA 95356 

All classes or workshops are at no cost, no child care is provided at any of these events. Refreshments served only for both class and workshop.

All held at Neighborhood Church Building 10, The Gathering Rooms

Time to Embrace Chance Workshop will be in Building 10 – Youth Room

Registration is required



To schedule a Time to Embrace Class in your church, please use our, “Scheduling Us,” page and use the drop down menu to specify speaker (Yolanda) ​Our host list is below



Raised as a preacher’s kid (PK), Yolanda fell into peer pressure and experience the world in her teens. The result was a marriage at the age of 18, and failing shortly after. This marriage left her with two young girls to raise and the experience of her first two abortions. With pain and regret, she turned to drugs and alcohol, leading to her third abortion along with the post-abortion syndromes.

In her venture, she met Darwin and endured a fast-paced lifestyle. She continued in the party scene, where her off and on again relationship with Darwin involved physical and verbal abuse. Neither one wanted to commit to the responsibility of another child so they used ‘abortion” as a quick fix. Deeper into the drug and partying scene she got. But Yolanda had an intercessor praying her back into her ministry inheritance, her mom. For many years of being away from the Lord, the Lord sought her out. Bringing Darwin to the salvation knowledge of who Jesus was, Yolanda came back to the Lord shortly after.

Her passion today is to see women healed of abortion because of the healing that took place in her life as the result of four abortions one miscarriage and the death of her twin daughter at five days old, Natasha Marie Benjamin.

Her ministry is dedicated to her children who await their reunion with her in heaven someday:

Daniel Jacob
Sheila Rose
Christina Rae
Jonathan Alex
Marcus Nicholas (twin to Darwin Benjamin Jr.)
Natasha Marie ( identical twin to Darlonda Benjamin)


My name is Anna Conrad. I have known of the Benjamin’s for almost 20 years. Last year in February of 2017, Reverend Benjamin, Yolanda’s husband asked if I would help his wife teach a class. I agreed to help, volunteered, loved it, and I have been helping out ever since. During my young adulthood, I had 2 abortions. Very unprepared for the major long term repercussions; I suffered from seasonal depression, shame, guilt, and internal anger.

The conventional ideology for most, is that once a person surrenders their heart to Christ, all their past baggage & consequences magically disappear. While it’s true that our sins are forgiven and we are made new in his image our past mistakes do not magically disappear. We have to actually access these deep wounds, surrender them, and give God permission to heal. I thought I was emotionally healed because I had gone to counseling, attended classes, prayed, and fasted. However, certain things in my life were “unspoken” and “untouched”. They were buried. Therefore, “these issues” lacked true healing.

The first time I helped in teaching the class, I was an emotional wreck as I listened to women express the pain they had suppressed for many years. It brought up so many ugly feelings that I had hidden away!

As I taught, I also went through the process. I experienced an emotional liberating closure and rest in God’s graceful forgiveness. God is not looking for people that are equipped and have it all together. Quite the opposite, he is looking for available people who are willing to go through the process as they serve.


Kendra has been a long-time friend of over 30 years to the Benjamin Family, aka Auntie Kendra to their kids.
She is the wife of, Frank and a mom to three beautiful and wonderful children, Frankie (Jordin), Courtney (Joseph), Marissa (Vincent), and grandmother of 9.

Going through a class herself of post-abortion healing brought her to want to see women healed of their secret scars and has added such a depth of insight to the attendees.
She relates to all women because of her personal testimony of marriage, love, and her own abortion.

She has dedicated herself to accept these women with grace and love. She is such a prayer warrior and we appreciate her being on our team


I am a daughter of The Most High God. I gave my life to Christ in October of 1999. It took God all of one hour to deliver me from alcoholism/smoking and drug abuse and my life hasn’t been the same since.

I’m the proud mother of three sons, two daughters of love and six amazing grandchildren. I attended 3 yrs. of bible college and 3 yrs. of internship at Christian Worship Center under Bishop Steve Perea. My heart is to bring the truth of God’s love and forgiveness where the enemy brings lies and shame, and to my daughter, Kristianna, whom by my choice was not allowed to see the light of day, honor her memory. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is peace.

Kristianna was due in April of 1986. I had just had a baby and mentally could not handle another one in one year’s time. Considering no one but myself I chose to abort. She would be in her middle 30’s now. I’ve thought of her daily since. The day before attending a session for post abortion she came to me in a dream. I couldn’t stop hugging her as she kept repeating, “ I love you mom. I forgive you.” I woke in tears, went to the session and embraced my holy Fathers forgiveness. He allowed me to see her as a young beautiful lady. To hear her voice and feel her hug. I would have recognized her anywhere. I still think of her daily. I thank God because I now know, she’s safe and happy and I’m forgiven and at peace. Her dad has joined her in heaven and one day we will all rejoice and worship together.